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Nescor: Premium Home Remodeling

Looking for fair estimates and premium repairs? Look no further. Our staff is 100% committed to our customers’ needs, and our products are second to none. You will be impressed with our exceptional level of professionalism and customer service. Please visit the rest of our site to explore our work and the different services we offer.


Since our beginnings back in 1957, our products, staff and service have met and often exceeded our New England customers’ expectations. Windows, Roofing, Siding, Gutter systems, insulation, from start to finish, we know you will be impressed with our exceptional level of professionalism and customer service.


  • Roofing


    Dealing with New England weather is certainly a hastle, to prevent future damage to your home, read about...

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  • Windows


    Looking to install new windows? Nescor provides everything you may need, from Double Hung Windows...

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  • Siding


    Our Cedar Ridge Vinyl Siding is the newest generations of vinyl siding available in Western Massachusetts and Connecticut...

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  • Gutter Shield

    Gutter Shield

    Sick of cleaning out your gutters? Learn more about Gutter Shield and how it is specifically designed to keep your...

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  • Attic Shield

    Attic Shield

    Summer heat gain and winter heat loss contribute to thousands of dollars of wasted money for millions of Americans.

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I was happy with the customer service I have experienced. I was very happy with the installation crew. They were very professional and knowledgeable, and I was very happy with the way they installed the product. The demonstration process that made me buy the product, and the installation process where everything was explained to me during the process.


Regarding the new windows that I recently purchased, the biggest difference I have notices is that way that is has changed the outside look of my home has greatly improved.. There is a better flow of air in my home and allows more light to come in. I am quite satisfied with the installation.


Excellent job I am well pleased with the way everything went. It was fast and professionally done.


Very professional.The windows were as good as promised-even keeps out noise.


Everything was great. From the initial sales meeting to the final product, eveyone I dealt with was a true professional and seemed truly interested in improving my home, not just to make a sale and move on. After the initial inspection, the salesman did not even want to give me his pitch until he could come back for a follow-up visit during the day with better lighting because of the level of rot damage that was present. The liaison and work crew were easy to work with and did an
excellent job. Product was a bit price, but overall worth it. I highly recommend these guys.