Elevate Your Home

Since NESCOR’s beginnings back in 1957, our products, staff and service have met and often exceeded our New England customers’ expectations. The NESCOR staff is 100% committed to our customers’ needs, and our products are second to none. From start to finish, we know you will be impressed with our outstanding level of professionalism and customer service.

NESCOR offers exceptional services from Window Repair and Installation to Stone Coated Steel Roofing and our one-of-a-kind Gutter Shield Protection System. Our qualified professionals can meet your needs and supply you with the best in home renovations.

Imagine handing your home down to your children, knowing that they will never need a roof.

Strong. Lightweight. Fireproof. 

NESCOR’s Stone Coated Steel Roof designs have the same look and feel on a home as asphalt. Great strength from the stamped steel shingles, together with the sharp look of stone-coating, give your home not just durability but more curb appeal. And it comes with a lifetime-plus-50-year warranty. You’ll never need another roof.

Your family deserves the beauty and quality of NESCOR's Entry and Patio Doors.

Energy efficient. Secure. Noise-reducing. A clear difference. 
NESCOR’s Entry and Patio Doors are professional-class custom doors built to your home’s exact measurements. We are committed to making individual doors customized for homeowners to the highest standards of durability, security, and beauty. A clear difference so defining that it has established a new category of professional-class doors; a better alternative to consumer-grade doors. 

Windows that don't let in anything more than light.

Protect from fading. Enhance security. Deaden outside sound. Conserve energy. Durable against wind, hail, and earthquakes. 
Keep your family more comfortable by bringing heat indoors in the winter and reflecting it outside during the summer. Our glass is one of the best on the market today, far exceeding the US Department of Energy’s requirements. 

Don't absorb heat. Reflect it with Attic Shield.

Military grade super polymer, coated on both sides with aluminum, to line your attic. 
When the sun heats a roof, that radiant heat transfers into the attic surfaces. Attic Shield, an upgrade to typical insulation, reduces that heat transfer by reflecting the radiant heat rather than absorbing it. With less heat coming from the attic, your home will feel cooler. We have seen outcomes as significant as a 20° decrease in attic temperatures after installing Attic Shield, resulting in a cooler house overall. 

Keep your gutters free and clean with the Gutter Shield system.

Just imagine: You’ll be free of climbing the ladder to clean them season after season. 
The Gutter Shield System is designed to install over existing gutters, prevents leaves and debris from causing clogs, and stops birds and other small animals from nesting in your gutters. Gutter Shield has been known to prevent associated problems including rot, mildew, and even foundation erosion. 

Get a handle on your energy usage with an at-home Energy Assessment.

Money could literally be going through your roof, out your window or through your doors. Weatherize your home. Save on energy bills. Raise the value of your property. Reduce the need for maintenance. Just by getting a home energy assessment. 
NESCOR employs certified energy assessors with certificates from both BPI  and the Energy Audit Institute. Our Energy Specialists will use professional equipment to carefully assess your home’s efficiency, provide you a list of recommendations to reduce energy costs, and pinpoint which areas you need to address. 

No Obligation, Virtual or In-Home Estimate

Our representatives will come to your home or conduct a virtual interview via ZOOM to learn your unique needs and will work with you to provide the service you need. The NESCOR staff is 100% committed, and our products are second to none. From start to finish, we know you will be impressed with our exceptional level of professionalism and customer service.

Technologically-Advanced Equipment.

Drones. Infrared heat guns. Furnace efficiency meters. Surface thermometers. iPads. Software that allows you to design the perfect upgrade. All at no additional cost to you.